Cabinet-Type Visual Dispensing  Combination Solution

Cabinet-Type Visual Dispensing Combination SolutionGS600P

GS600P is a highly intelligent automatic online dispensing platform developed based on the needs of the CCM industry.
The platform uses the intelligent online distribution technology to achieve higher production efficiency, uses the online AOI technology to achieve real-time product quality control, and uses the design standards in the semiconductor industry to achieve dustproof level 100, ESD control and anti-vibration level A. Meanwhile, it has a MES interface to meet the industry's unmanned operation requirements as well as the increasingly strict requirements of dispensing process and system stability.
  • Features and Advantages
  • Special Process Modules
  • Application Fields
  • Optional Configurations

fangEfficiency Improvement

    With the parallel method, UPH is increased by over 10% compared with the traditional online dispensing platform, and the downtime of a single station does not affect the whole line production.

fangYield Improvement

    The online AOI method is used to prevent batch defects.

Inclined Rotation Module

Inclined Rotation Module

Suitable for side dispensing process

360° Rotation Module

360° Rotation Module

Suitable for mushroom head dispensing process

Prevention of Whole Line Downtime

Prevention of Whole Line Downtime

Operation/conveyor track separation

Shutdown of a single machine not affecting the operation of the whole line

Front-end process

Gold wire protection glue

Chip protection glue

Prism glue

Flip Chip underfill

Vent glue

Dust catching glue

FPC reinforcement glue

LENS glue

Back-end process

Sidewall glue

Bracket glue

Conductive silver paste

PIN sealing glue

  • Automatic loading & unloading system
  • 360° rotation dispensing module
  • Inclined rotation dispensing module
  • Weighingmodule
  • Ultra-precision dispensing controller
  • Piezoelectric jetting valve
  • Glue AOI
  • Liquid level alarm
  • Auxiliary module for dispensing process
  • UV curing module
Fully Automatic Mounting System

Fully Automatic Mounting SystemAC100

AC100 is a high-precision and high-versatility automatic mounting system developed based on the demands of optical component assembly.
The system strictly controls the tilt and position accuracy of the mounted products. Before and after mounting, the glue path and product position are intelligently inspected and controlled to reduce the probability of foreign matter and moisture entering the product and ensure the mounting quality. Meanwhle, it has a MES interface to meet the information management requirements.
  • Application Fields
  • Features and Advantages
  • Holder mounting
  • Prism mounting
  • Reinforcement plate mounting
  • Main camera and auxiliary camera mounting
  • Bracket mounting
  • VCM mounting

fangProfessional glue effect testing to improve the reliability of the mounting process.

fangDispensing + mounting and mounting + dispensing processes can be considered at the same time, achieving stronger applicability.

fangThe dispensing station is compatible with piezoelectric jetting valves and inclined rotation shafts, meeting the requirements of multi-side dispensing process and high-precision dispensing.

fangThe bond head has the pressure calibration function to facilitate the quantitative management of production.

fangThe mounting system has the one-key calibration function to save the changeover time.

fangWith the parallel method, the downtime of a single station does not affect the whole line production.

AOI System

AOI SystemCC600

CC600 is an independent glue appearance AOI workstation, which can be used independently or in combination with the equipment on the production line.
With professional glue appearance inspection capability and high versatility, the workstation can inspect process abnormalities such as glue overflow, glue breakage, leakage points, scattered points, bubbles and insufficient glue area during the dispensing process, without affecting the dispensing efficiency, so as to effectively control the product quality and avoid batch defects. Meanwhile, it has a MES interface to meet the information management requirements and help to achieve the intelligent production line.
  • Application Fields
  • Features and Advantages
  • Chip protection glue inspection
  • Gold wire protection glue inspection
  • FPC reinforcement glue inspection
  • Bracket glue inspection
  • Dust catching glue inspection
  • Vent glue inspection

fangSuitable for appearance inspection of various kinds of glue.

fangTo inspect glue overflow, glue breakage, leakage points, scattered points, bubbles and insufficient glue area.

fangAccording to the type of Tray, Mark, Mapping and Sorting can be selected to handle NG products.

fangThe stand-alone or on-line mode can be selected according to the application.

Cabinet-Type Visual Dispensing System

Cabinet-Type Visual Dispensing SystemGS600A

GS600A is a fully automatic online dispensing system which can be used for PCB/FPC, mobile phone assembly, watch assembly and screen module assembly, etc., and has such characteristics as high precision, good shock absorption and rich process components.
  • Features and Advantages
  • Optional Configurations
  • fangIntelligent Fool-Proof

        Product status inspection before operation

        Glue status inspection after operation

  • fangReal-Time MES Docking

        Upload of production status information in real time

        System abnormal status alarm

  • fangReduction of Particle Contamination

        Class-100 dustproof design

  • fangRich Configuration Options

        Weighing and other configuration options

  • fangHigh Speed and High Precision

        Linear motor driving, grating ruler positioning, and mineral casting platform

  • Automatic loading & unloading system
  • Weighing module
  • Ultra-precision dispensing controller
  • Piezoelectric jetting valve
  • Auxiliary module for dispensing process
Precision Soldering System

Precision Soldering SystemVH300C

VH300C is a high-precision desktop visual soldering system integrating flux injection and soldering processes, so that the equipment investment can be greatly saved.
  • Application Fields
  • Features and Advantages
  • TWS
  • Other precision electronic assembly fields
  • Speaker/main board PIN soldering
  • Battery PIN soldering
  • Charging PIN soldering
  • Wireless charging PIN soldering
  • fangYield Improvement

        After precise visual recognition, the single machine completes the flux injection and soldering, effectively improving the welding yield.

  • fangConsistency Improvement

        Precise control to improve the consistency of solder joint appearance quality.

Desktop Visual Dispensing Machine

Desktop Visual Dispensing MachineVS Series

The VS series is a high-precision visual dispensing machine with glue AOI, 360° rotation and inclined rotation functions, and has reached the industry-leading level in terms of performance, ease of use and reliability.
The VS expansion platform VS-300D20 is an open motion platform based on which users can re-develop their own programs or load self-made mechanisms to perform unique functions and actions, fully meeting the needs of customers to maintain the process uniqueness. It is also more suitable for applications with high customization requirements or rapid process changes. For example, the platform can be used for processes such as handling, sorting and overturning, and users can change as needed and will not worry about their own processes being disclosed.
  • Features and Advantages
  • Application Fields
  • Optional Configurations

fangThe servo motor and the grinding screw module are used to ensure high precision, high speed, high efficiency and high consistency of the system during operation.

fangThe repetitive positioning accuracy of the platform can be up to 0.01mm; and in combination with independent core pneumatic controller or jetting valve, high-precision and stable discharge and precise trajectory control of the fluid can be achieved.

fangThe stable glue line width or glue dot diameter of 0.2mm can be achieved by the non-contact method.

fangIntelligent modules such as intelligent visual recognition, laser height measurement, automatic needle correction, online UV exposure and liquid level detection are available for selection.

fangThe unique dispensing process module is compatible with blowing and suction method for automatic valve cleaning, effectively preventing glue hanging.

  • TWS
  • Speaker
  • Receiver
  • Flat motor
  • Linear motor
  • LCM
  • 360° rotation
  • Laser height measurement sensor
  • Piezoelectric jetting valve
  • Liquid level detection
  • Inclined rotation
  • Height calibration module
  • Air pressure stabilization module
  • Glue AOI
  • Online UV curing module
  • Air pressure alarm module
Precision Spot  Welding Platform

Precision Spot Welding PlatformDW200P

DW200P is a high-precision desktop visual resistance welding system, which can realize real-time pressure inspection to give an alarm when the parameter range threshold is exceeded, precisely control the pressure and energy, and improve the quality control capability.
  • Features and Advantages
  • Application Fields
  • fangYield Improvement

        Real-time welding pressure inspection to give an alarm when the preset range is exceeded.

        Precise energy control to effectively prevent burns around the pad.

        Precise pressure control to effectively prevent the pad from collapsing.

  • fangSuitable for Automated Production Line

        The head and power supply combination occupies a small space and is light-weight.

        It supports communication with the MES system, and can be flexibly integrated in the automated production line.

  • Micro speaker/receiver
  • Voice coil motor
  • Flat vibration motor
  • Linear vibration motor
  • Enameled wire welding
  • Hot riveting of positioning column
  • Thin sheet metal welding